From the UNESCO Chair Forum University and Heritage we collaborate with those public or private entities interested in the dissemination, value and transmission of our Cultural and Natural Heritage through different activities:

  • Prizes to works and contests of ideas: for students of degree / máster.
  • Conferences, congresses, seminars and workshops of specialists in the field of Cultural Heritage.
  • Promotion of internships in companies and institutions of interest to the Chair.
  • Visits to companies and relevant institutions in the field of the Chair.
  • Outreach activities and knowledge transfer.
  • Realization of days of technical, technological and artistic divulgation.
  • Publications on topics of interest in the field of the Chair.
  • Promotion in scientific, technical and artistic events.
  • Organization of exhibitions and promotion of cultural activities.
  • Dissemination of the activities of the Chair.
  • Cooperation to achieve research projects in the Valencian, Spanish and European fields.
  • Realization of research works.
  • Promotion of national and international meetings of experts in the area of ​​interest of the Chair.
  • Studies on topics of art, crafts and sustainable creativity of interest to the Chair.
  • Collaboration in the design and delivery of lifelong learning courses.
  • Scholarships: for undergraduate / master students so they can collaborate with the activities of the Chair.

We also collaborate in national and international publications, we teach courses whose purpose is the dissemination of knowledge from the University to society and generate and support exhibitions whose content is related to the objectives of the Chair.