Practical Pottery Course with white clay. The artisanal tradition of pottery in August. Discover pottery and the technique of working with the clay pot with salt, revalue our artisan culture and obtain new artistic tools.


The beginning of the Agost pottery tradition (Alicante, Spain), dates before the 17th century. This town in the south of the Valencian Community based its economy on the production of clay pieces, being one of the most representative examples of this the famous white botijo. Currently, there are hardly any original potteries that continue with the elaboration of pieces through the traditional process, that is, mixing the mud with salt and cooking in morunos or wood ovens. This type of pottery is unique in the Valencian Community and of the few that remain in Spain.
On the other hand, this course has the participation of José Ángel Boix Martínez, one of the most relevant potters in the Valencian Community, of family tradition and current responsible for the saver of the Severino Boix Arques Pottery. This pottery continues to work the typical Agost technique, characteristic for its color and cooking system.
With the aim of recovering our past and interest in the sustainable culture of the UNESCO Forum University and Heritage Chair, this course will allow students to learn about the characteristics of the work of traditional Agost clay and the development of basic parts with the lathe.