The recovery of the tradicional technique of cardboard-stone as a sustainable creative and artistic tool. Learn about the ancient use of cardboard-stone for the construction of the Fallas and how to transfer it to the present day with an artistic and creative touch.

In 2016, the Fallas were declared by UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity highlighting their spirit as an expression of "collective creativity" that "safeguards traditional arts and crafts". Las Fallas, satirical sculptures created by local artists, "promote communication and dialogue between citizens." The cardboard-stone has been the most frequently used material in the construction of the faults almost until the present time, at which time this noble and ancient material has been practically replaced by other more profitable plastic materials. It is because of this situation of imminent loss of knowledge of the work culture with stone cardboard, so from the UNESCO Forum University and Heritage Chair it is intended to recover and keep it alive through this introductory course to work with stone cardboard and in this way transfer it to current use through a creative, artistic and sustainable approach. After the end of the activity, the students will have experienced in the first person the work with the cardboard-stone of the flaws for the preparation of popular, artistic or handmade elements in a traditional and sustainable way. On the other hand, this tool will be of help for the development of any personal or professional project related to cardboard-stone. In addition, aspects related to sustainability and the use of the material will be considered as a basic principle for the subsistence of the creative industries of artisanal cutting.   Photos: A.Mas Information:
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